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NIF2: Wind Blows in Chang Lin

With the end of the NIF translation, and in my desire to continue improving on my Chinese understanding and reading, I’ve proceeded to start translating NIF2, Lang Ya Bang: Wind Blows in Chang Lin and will add new chapters as and when time permits. There’ll be 94 chapters in all, so it’ll be a whileContinue reading “NIF2: Wind Blows in Chang Lin”

Chapter 174 (Part 2) : Final Chapter – Rising Winds

Preamble:I apologize that it’s taken me more than one month to get this in. I’ve allowed distraction after distraction to assail me since the last post, but hey, the lunar new year is coming, and since we’re not supposed to carry that which is owed into the new year, here’s me settling my “debt”. ThoughContinue reading “Chapter 174 (Part 2) : Final Chapter – Rising Winds”

Chapter 174 (Part 1) : Final Chapter – Rising Winds

Preamble:So, although the author didn’t split this chapter, I decided to take the liberty to do so, simply because it was so long and I thought maybe you’d like to read this sooner than later. This chapter is taking some time because I’ve been watching (too much) Chinese dramas in between – have you seenContinue reading “Chapter 174 (Part 1) : Final Chapter – Rising Winds”

Chapter 173 : Righting Wrongs

The day after the Emperor’s birthday, the Inner Court Division issued a formal decree, ordering Prince Ji, Yan Que and Ye Shizhen to be the presiding officials to reinvestigate the Chiyan rebellion case. Regarding this case, that had once greatly shaken the entire Da Liang, there were many who were sympathetic and harboured doubts backContinue reading “Chapter 173 : Righting Wrongs”

Chapter 172 : Reinvestigation

In the split second after the Crown Prince made his stand clear, it was as if the wind blew through a field of wheat. The rest of the court officials who had decided to wait and see immediately bowed down one after another in succession, clamoring the two words, “I second”. After a while, evenContinue reading “Chapter 172 : Reinvestigation”

Chapter 171 : Injustice

To prepare well for the Emperor’s birthday ceremony, Wuying Hall was newly refurbished. Places were set out for guests according to their ranks. The men of the imperial clan, led by Prince Ji, would be seated to the right of the steps, while the womenfolk would be seated behind a golden screen in a separateContinue reading “Chapter 171 : Injustice”

Chapter 170 : The Beginning

Mei Changsu stared fixedly at his overtly smiling eyes, and his heart suddenly skipped a bit. In a faltering voice, he said, “Did you catch Xia Jiang?” Lin Chen’s face was unsmiling, and he said very sulkily, “Didn’t I give you three guesses?” By their side, Fei Liu said delightedly, “Once!” Lin Chen reached outContinue reading “Chapter 170 : The Beginning”