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Chapter 171 : Injustice

To prepare well for the Emperor’s birthday ceremony, Wuying Hall was newly refurbished. Places were set out for guests according to their ranks. The men of the imperial clan, led by Prince Ji, would be seated to the right of the steps, while the womenfolk would be seated behind a golden screen in a separateContinue reading “Chapter 171 : Injustice”

Chapter 168 : Promise

Xiao Jingyan held Mei Changsu’s arm and patted it lightly. He knew that Lin Shu truly despaired at that moment, and that he was suffering in his heart, but he had originally known that there wasn’t much hope with Grand Princess Liyang, and he also knew that forcing her was meaningless, so he did asContinue reading “Chapter 168 : Promise”

Chapter 167 : Request

Preamble: Sorry this latest update took a while. I got caught up in the world of “The Untamed” (which was pretty good, I must say, though not as good as LYB, but who can complain about pretty boys and finding one’s soulmate!), and since work has started, this translation had to take a bit ofContinue reading “Chapter 167 : Request”


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